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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 9, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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in the arm of the court to make sure that we can move forward, expeditiously. >> the city attorney is not pleased with progress up to this point but the will accelerate the progress. in the meantime, attorneys that want that federal takeover will not be agreeable unless that federal enforcement has hiring and firing powers. it is up to a federal judge and that is scheduled for next month. reporting live at the oakland police headquarters and dan kerman, kron 4. >>jacqueline: take a look of the rainfall totals in the last 24 hours. not even a quarter of an inch. concord, two tenths of 1 in. in less than that in other areas. would hayward, as would a live look outside on stormtracker 4 radar. a >> coming up later this of ratio on a friday night. >> i am here. >> alicea and the warriors are coming up with the latest sports coming up
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>> a berkeley based optical technology company has made
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a huge breakthrough. it is about to release on to the market a new type of glasses that can help people are color blind. see colors more accurately for the first time. here is an example whiff gabe slate tech report >> it is estimated that over 10 million americans suffer from color to fissio color blin- >> one of the greatest establishments and satisfaction that i've had in my career as taking somebody that is colored deficient and it is always so great when it they will say that is that color of that flower violet? they will see a stop sign of much more clearly, five, six, seven blocks away. >> after several months of
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development these color enhanced could be prescription or regular. >> these are normal, red, green, blue perception and when you put these on the will of-the enhanced. >> and these sunglasses in the technology can benefit anybody not just color blind people. they took me to the nearby gardens to show me these special lenses. let me tell you that holy cow! it was amazing and i understand our understanding that this could sounds cheesy but it is how these are supposed to look. these colors pop, and they felt and looked deeper, thicker, it was beautiful and the colors were in against it was like i could see better. i wish that i could show you to the camera lens what it was like but it does not translate to the cameras optics. you have to wear them and everything, with any outdoor activity.
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anny think, with more information on these gabe slate tech report [ female announcer ] this is the story of joycelin...
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[ joycelin ] the nurses and doctors were amazing, and they were like a second family to me. and now i'm back to doing what i love. [ female announcer ] california pacific medical center and sutter health. our story is you. >> the first and our nation, the officials looking to cover the costs of trans gender surgeries for the uninsured we have details of [ female announcer ] welcome, one and all, to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor.
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this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait.
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>> and a look at our top story set a:30 additional somsecurity has been added to the area in walnut creek for a wo kidnapped earlier this week. she was walking to her car at the chef and his business district kidnapped by two suspects after into atms where they attempted to get money. she was dropped off in oakland hills. >> president barack obama used his first major remarks since reelection, to dive right into year end
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showdown over the loving financial crisis. extended an invitation to members of congress to talk about a plan to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff the president says " he is open to compromise and new ideas to break the blockage hangover deficit-reduction. and also david petraeus. resign. but because of an extramarital appear a fair. >> also, this was the scene in oceanside new-york as exasperated public officials and furious residents gathered for a rally against the long island power authority. hundreds of thousands of people on the east coast are still without power. residents, kennedy's new jersey, new york are angry over the slow pace of recovery it has been almost
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two weeks since hurricane sandy ravaged the region. people in the northeast of is the feeling storm battered as a snow continues to hit the area slowing down cleanup efforts estate deal with scenes like this. amounts of snowfall blanketing neighborhoods. catherine heenan. >> these lines are crazy but a rationing program in the new york city and long island this seems to be helping some people can be waiting an hour instead of three, four hours. >> it saved me three hours this morning. >> still, drivers are wondering why they have to obsess about the fuel gauge after a 11 days. people are angry about the fact that hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses are still without power. authorities pointed to downed trees, heavy snow and say they're doing the best that they can. a positive
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note for driver is that the midtown tunnel opens what has been a terrible commute. and tonight the statue of liberty will be relent. the first time since hurricane sandy it will be wheel tha it we lit up again-and this showing the home owners of pelican island, new jersey. >> i tried to salvage something with water damage by putting these chairs on top of the table. >> the new jurors the governor has some advice. >> that is crap. everybody has some of them have to complain about. the-new jersey. governor. there they should be thanking god that they are not dead. >> catherine heenan, kron 4 >> with its body rainfall-with spotty rainfall-just traces,
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in other areas in san francisco as we take a look of stormtracker 4 radar some of weather cells rotating through the san mateo coast pushing through but that is light. the satellite and radar showing the spotty cloud pattern that is still onshore into impacting northern california. the weather cells along the san mateo coast and also continuing to see snowfall in the sierras that will be wrapped up tomorrow. we still have a chance for shoddy showers but mostly clear skies. that is leading to chilly temperatures in the is going to get very cold overnight. frosty tomorrow. and a slightly warmer temperatures. will get it even warmer on sunday, monday with your drive forecast coming up. >> some are saying that it is controversial but the san francisco officials are looking to cover the cost for a sexual reassignment
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surgery for the uninsured. this developing program is set to be the first for the nation. >> there are many people walking around the city battling between their physical and avidly and what they actually consider themselves. their physical- anatomy. it will be the first city in the nation to pay for sexual reassignment surgery. ginge is a data show gender gender-all we're doing is offering past four people that are diagnosed with the clinical condition. no different than anybody else that is been diagnosed with any other clinical condition. a varied depending on what type of surgeries it could go as high as 30, $35,000. or $50,000. >> ultimately, improving the quality of life with general reconstruction and
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mastectomies are what is in focus. and there are gender offering services in surgeries for them would hopefully increase their trust in the system. >> it would be an education component in readiness assessment for individuals and it certainly pre- operative services. with post-operative surgery. >> the under and uninsured and rolled in the health the san francisco plan are eligible. in rolled-in the health the san francisco plan. >> we are primarily trying to help with people getting qualified. there the department of public health is to have this program up and running by 2013. haltonight a fund-raiser for the love ones of the chp kenyan youngstru m more than 100 people turned out in san ramon tonight all of these
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proceeds collected will go to the family. if you recall he was shot while making a routine traffic stop on interstate 680. the widow of appreciative the event. >> is just touching, really the outpouring of love from everybody in the community. it is touching for me, my family, my children as my son says that we are just overwhelmed with how much people love shown their love and support for us. it is really just beautiful. >> organizers say that this will go on until midnight. if there is still time for you to attend even if you just want to drop off a donation. the wedgwood windy and banquets center is hosting the of and at no charge in the san ramon. the which would wedding and a banquet center. >> the wedgwood iwedding center is hosting the event.
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>>pam: a mississippi judge sentenced a former ... for a stout leader 45 years in prison for sexually assaulting two young boys. donnie weaver admitted to molesting two boys. eight years old, nine years old. officials say that is not likely will have early release. >> take a look at this corner of this trying to steal one of his company jets and causing mass destruction. brian he dglin... was the suspect in his girlfriend's murder and later he shot himself
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[ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. >>pam: for today's market update. it was one of the worst weeks over the worry that washington might not act in time to avoid a
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series of harsh tax increases and spending cuts by the beginning of next year. the dow jones gained a live it more than four points to close at 12,815. the s&p and the nasdaq also posted small gains. >> the samsung galaxy s 3 has dethroned apple's iphone for s. becoming the world's best selling smart foam in the third quarter. they say that 80 million galaxy " as three " phones were shipped worldwide in the third quarter compared to 16.2 million iphone 4. strategy and analytics to say that it's because consumers were before the iphone 5 which went on sale september 21st. the third quarter ended the week after its release.
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>> the possibly reason of holiday flights is that there are 11 holiday tickets and then it just nine id is easier for families to go further. a dramatic increase. 50 percent more than just one year ago. and the head of a european budget airline is trying to get rid of the option of seat belts. and even seats, altogether. michael o'leary saying that legislation is not necessary. and it is attempting to create a standing room only cabins for students and budget travellers for about 60 $1.60 per ticket. they have even asked passengers to even use the ryan air toilets...
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>> james bond and abraham lincoln. the latest. james bond is back after convincing than the people was that he is not lost his edge in his latest invention the loyalties will be tested and the stakes have never been higher. daniel crac--craig and judy dentch are both back. daniel day-lewis please american president abraham lincoln freed by steven spielberg. this chronicles the leadership during the most tumultuous
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and divisive times as well as this decision to a emancipate slavery. >> shall we stop this. the shell sally field, james spader and tommy lee jones. it is pg-13 in. april williams, kron 4. >>jacqueline: isolated storms with one over the diablo range and over the san mateo coast. we can see that with drier conditions tomorrow. early in keeping it cool, overnight. pretty chilly. overnight, sunday, monday, things would satellite and ritter still showing spotty shower activity but mostly clear skies. that is why it is been so cold. it is dying down a bit but as we can see just some frost advisories.
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it is going to be very cold overnight. and look at how cold it is going to get freezing in napa. 39 degrees in vallejo, 38 in concord in task for the inland valleys are teetering on the frosted pfizer reef. we could see some apache frost but it might not be enough. for the south bay temperatures cool. look at daly city and half moon bay. chilly. a cool afternoon. 50s in richmond. 58 in concord and for the snowfall of the sierras. it is expected to pick up again after midnight. we will see an additional one-3 in. at the lake level and more of
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the higher elevations. a look at your extended forecast locally isolated at best. and saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, warmer weather is expected but rainfall could return as early as wednesday. >> it is now time for the jack in the box sports report. >> the california lakers, 47-38. we say special in a basketball sense they have a new coach, michael brown. earlier, he was sacked after only five games that is the third quickest termination in indy history. one-4, and when youet to the white tower, the best big man in the game, steve nash, kobe bryant. you do not have a gain victory in the exhibition season people give nervous here is the general manager.
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>> the bottom line is that the team was not winning at the pace that we expected. we expected to win. and we did not see improvement so we decided to move in another direction and makes a change serious similar tie-ins. >> that is just the feeling less thing only reason you can laugh a lot of of of death excess flow huff and i did not offer one a hire somebody that much? and for a coach, we dislike you so much here is a $11 million, please leave. the deal with a we bryant, of course but if we do have respect for
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and technically, that your boss is telling you college rest of all under way. it is a november night, stanford's leading. the first official game was played in germany. michigan state planning in connecticut in an airplane hangar. a nice tribute to give the balance overseas defending our country something to watch and in july. 66-62, connecticut. and how jim calhoun was replaced by a this coach. november 9th, they're already going up and down with readers the big underdog. it is official, derek is not going to play because of an ankle sprain and i praised him earlier i will say it again my floor director for 34 years.
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taiwan's jones. taiwan jones from deer valley high school is going to get a lot of carriage for the raiders. if you like local folks? keeping your ears and eyes open after only plane once in 23 days, the 49ers, the 12. favorite in candlestick. the rams, lost 45-7. the have lost three in a row and jim harbaugh >> the teams have played very good football. i think that there is improvement. it seems like they are doing a very good job. >> when we come back there are no 49ers. tonight's e- mails segment is full of personal matters of the
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shel feliciano is here and pam if and a lease to ou police si n if jack, you said you wanted a whole new breakfast item.
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i give you... flap jacks. hmm! thing is, i don't know if i'm comfortable with people eating my face. how 'bout a loaded breakfast sandwich with country-grilled sausage, bacon, ham, two fried eggs, and melting cheese on toasted sourdough. don't do it. don't eat my face... do not eat my... you ate his face?!
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>> and it is funny how all of the haters of and alex smith are hating. >> if he has a bad game against the rams you could send me another e-mail if something changes. and i think you better keep an open mind that as long as they are winning this guy is not bad. and it is just life. we have a bad show and all the sudden >> .,... can you explain that after 20 years of failure of the warriors took a pass from the critics. >> i think all the attention is on the giants. they're just so nom on the warriors not been any good. and when they have. and antar why did charles barkley said that he was tired of announcing. >> he was not bother me between 9-noon. but he is
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blessed to have a great job. and the world is tough. why would you just say that i am board to investigate want to do something else? their reason why you are a millionaire is because of basketball. so do not tell somebody that is it sitting on their couch that you are bored making a couple of million dollars. >> we have an e-mail person that wants to do his job. >> do not tell somebody that is interested enough that you are bored and he will change his mind tomorrow. and i did not want to hear it. >> and has anybody ever really got to mad at you? >> it is funny how timing works. pam is normally so open-minded and i was defending my old white males and she hurt my feelings. get a good close
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up. >> gary, that is awful to say. and i get nothing
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